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    We Offer Travel Vaccinations in Melbourne

    Heading out for a vacation or business meeting overseas? It is important to ensure you are vaccinated and in good health. At our travel clinic in Melbourne, we provide the necessary vaccinations so you make the best of your time overseas without falling sick.

    Our travel doctor in Melbourne will make sure you are properly immunised against any diseases such as COVID-19, typhoid, cholera, polio among others. You will also receive helpful and practical advice as well as all the needed clinical guidance from our doctors before your scheduled departure.

    Visit our South Melbourne Family Practice travel clinic in Melbourne today to book an appointment.

    What You Need to Know

    Traveling overseas can carry risks of contracting diseases in certain regions. Staying ahead of certain travel risks can thus ensure your safety while you are travelling.

    The vaccinations you require depend on several factors such as the place you are traveling, the duration of your trip, any specific locality that might be prone to viral contractions, as well as your past medical history regarding immunisation.

    An appointment with our respective travel doctor in Melbourne can help you create an immunisation plan based on your trip so you are prepared well ahead in advance.

    Get all Assistance and Help for Travel Vaccination in Melbourne

    Whether you need a PCR test for travel in Melbourne, vaccinations, or need to meet certain immunisation requirements, the doctors at our clinic can help. We can check for certain risks and, with different travel health services, safeguard your wellbeing in the best way possible.

    We store most types of vaccines for different travel vaccinations in Melbourne and can provide one even at the time of consultation.

    Among travel clinics in Melbourne we are known for our prompt service. We can offer quick appointments for consultations on a short notice to suit your specific timeline. For immunisations, we can advise you on certain requirements based on the region you are travelling to and design an immunisation plan before you fly. We will also guide you further if you are immunised previously.

    Our doctors are also well aware of global health concerns and outbreaks and can give you the required travel-related health advice.

    Book a Travel Vaccine Consultation With Us Today

    If you are looking for travel clinics in Melbourne to help you with vaccinations, we can help. At South Melbourne Family Practice we can plan ahead of your departure and create all the documents for an immunisation plan.

    We would require certain information such as your flight details, travel itinerary, accommodation details, and records of previous immunisation so make sure you bring all the details you need at the time of your consultation.

    For any further information, you can also get in touch with us.

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