South Melbourne Family Practice is changing its name to South Melbourne Medical Hub. Under new ownership, South Melbourne Medical Hub will offer expanded health services to your local community and we look forward to offering additional services for your health needs.

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    Find Your Telehealth Doctor for a Consultation in Melbourne

    If you have had to choose between visiting a general practitioner (GP) and suffering ill health in silence in recent times, you are not alone. With the possibility of being susceptible to viruses and other dangers, many prefer foregoing doctor’s visits altogether.

    At South Melbourne Family Practice, we understand the need for expert advice without the risk of being surrounded by hazards. Our telehealth consultations in Melbourne allow you to consult our general practitioners regarding health issues from within your homes through technology such as video calls, digital sharing of test reports, monitoring of patients via calls, and more.

    Medical consultations at your convenience

    With telehealth consultations in Melbourne, consulting a doctor at a date and time convenient to you is easier. Where one would have to set aside all obligations to squeeze in a doctor’s appointment in an in-person consultation, we make sure your health takes precedence at all times by having an audience with you when it is suitable for you.

    Quality care with specialists

    Every appointment booked with a telehealth GP in Melbourne at South Melbourne Family Practice will allow you to get in touch with specialists who offer quality care with a patient-centric approach. Whether you are in the city with access to the best doctors in your vicinity or areas with limited access to quality healthcare, our doctors provide the best care for every patient through video consultations and more.

    Inexpensive consultations in Melbourne

    Talking to our GP as you consult them through our telehealth feature is relatively cheaper than having to physically visit a clinic. With the cost of travelling to and from the clinic reduced, you only need to cover the consultation and treatment cost with a telehealth doctor in Melbourne. Further, receiving treatment while at home is bound to cost significantly less than what one generally coughs up when treated at a clinic or hospital.

    Increased patient engagement and monitoring

    Where doctors are generally unaware of their patient’s condition in between appointments, telehealth consultations with our doctors in Melbourne will ensure the monitoring of our patients’ conditions more often, allowing swift treatment and increased patient engagement. With telehealth being adopted by every doctor in Melbourne, keeping track of the treatment and the results has become easier and convenient for all involved.

    In general, telehealth doctors help with everything a practitioner would when you visit a clinic. From consultation, prescriptions, and offering a telehealth medical certificate to managing telehealth billing in Melbourne, we make your journey to good health easier.

    Consulting our telehealth Melbourne GP is just an appointment away. You can simply call us or book the appointment for a time most convenient for you

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