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    pre employment medical test

    Pre-employment medical tests have become a routine among most companies with growing cases of communicable medical conditions. Further, these check-ups not only safeguard the interests of the employees but also the employers in the long run.

    Keeping this growing need in mind, South Melbourne Family Practice offers pre-employment health checks for employees which include every required test for employees as a part of the company policy.

    We have also made provisions for more added tests, considering the increased risks, to make sure that both the employer and employee are protected.

    Things to Know about a Pre-Employment Medical Test

    Although the benefits of a pre-employment medical test abound, many companies refrain from getting these check-ups done, costing them a lot more in the future. To help both employees and employers better understand the boons of a pre-employment health check, here are some things to know and consider:

    The medical tests are beneficial for both the employers and employees

    Contrary to popular belief, it is not just the employer that benefits from a pre-employment health check. In some cases, the nature of the job can be extremely demanding for people with certain conditions, which can be identified beforehand. Rather than risking an employee’s health by putting them on a task not fit for their physical or mental health, companies make sure the pre-employment health check eliminates the possibility of potential mishaps.

    At South Melbourne Family Practice, we are affiliated with a number of companies, offering pre-employment medical tests that minimise risks.

    A pre-employment health check ensures future medical coverage by the employer

    Employees with no existing conditions or health risks have the assurance of full medical coverage by the employer as long as they work with said company. With the cost of medical treatment rising sky-high, medical coverage by companies is a boon for many. Considering the amount most companies are investing in by offering complete medical coverage for the people working under them, a pre-employment health check is a small price to pay for both the employee and the employer.

    The test ensures productivity and the maintenance of safety

    By getting potential employees tested beforehand, companies can ensure productivity and efficiency once the candidate is onboard. And while this is key, the pre-employment medical test also makes sure that a candidate cannot risk the health of other employees due to health conditions that could jeopardise the safety of others. This is all the more vital in job responsibilities where the candidate will need to operate heavy machinery, drive other employees, etc.

    To understand the plans we offer to companies for pre-employment health check-ups, you can get in touch with us by contacting the numbers provided or book an appointment.

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