South Melbourne Family Practice is changing its name to South Melbourne Medical Hub. Under new ownership, South Melbourne Medical Hub will offer expanded health services to your local community and we look forward to offering additional services for your health needs.

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    Complete Pathology Services in South Melbourne

    Have a diagnostics requirement? Need a reliable pathology in South Melbourne at your service? Let our team at South Melbourne Family Practice help. Our pathologists have decades worth of experience and can cater to multiple needs of patients. Using our state-of-the-art diagnostics technology, we ensure timely and accurate reports in quick turnarounds for a swift treatment. Get in touch to book an appointment today.

    We Lead the Way in Diagnosis and Clinical Tests

    Over the years, South Melbourne Family Practice has been at the forefront of offering quick and high-quality diagnosis for patients in the South Melbourne area. Our pathology specialists are well-accredited and recognised in their respective fields and work together to offer the best support and care. From histology, dermatopathology and more, our pathologists can help with a range of different services.

    Accurate testing is key to a successful diagnosis which can identify potentially life-threatening health risks that could go unnoticed. We understand the importance of accurate medical diagnosis and the role it plays in determining the underlying condition of a patient. That’s why we utilise advanced testing tools and technology to carry out diagnosis.

    Once you visit us at our practice, you can expect consultations with some of our most experienced medical healthcare providers. Our professionals will recommend the ideal tests needed for diagnosis.

    No matter what the requirement, we help patients get tested for a number of conditions. Our pathologist will assist you with samples for blood, bodily fluids, urine or other specific test requirements needed by the physician. Same-day result collection is also available so you can receive results quickly and efficiently.

    Why Diagnose at Our Medical Practice?

    Offering holistic medical treatment along with quality patient care has always been a priority and we are equally passionate about the same with our tests and diagnosis. We firmly believe in the importance of appropriate and accurate tests and the impact it carries on treatment of medical issues and diseases.

    Our team of pathology specialists have all the expertise and knowledge when it comes to clinical tests and research. What’s more, our friendly team of doctors and medical staff is always readily available to help with any needs or concerns you may have regarding tests or general health advice.

    No matter what need you have, we are committed to give you utmost personal care and support for your analysis at our pathology. Our range of pathology services and tests include but are not limited to: general blood tests, histology, urine tests, liver pathology, GNY tests, and dermatopathology to name a few.

    Beyond regular diagnostic test services our pathology centre can also assist with supplementary add-on services or research on specimens for specific patients.

    To book an appointment with our pathologists, get in touch with us today. To learn more about our services you can always connect with our receptionist for details.

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