South Melbourne Family Practice is changing its name to South Melbourne Medical Hub. Under new ownership, South Melbourne Medical Hub will offer expanded health services to your local community and we look forward to offering additional services for your health needs.

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    LGBT Friendly Doctors in Melbourne

    No one deserves to be discriminated against over anything, especially when it comes to medical treatment. Our facility believes in treating every person equally, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender. 

    Drop-in and talk about your specific issues or problems in a confidential, private, accepting, and safe environment. All people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, or anything else have access to culturally and clinically relevant treatments. Sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening, PrEP prescription, physical and emotional health are among the areas of specialisation that should have a nonjudgmental and educational approach. 

    South Melbourne Family Practice has some of the best LGBT friendly doctors in Melbourne. 

    Our services

    • Sexual Health

    When it concerns gay health, our LGBTQI patients’ sexual health is indeed the main focus. Regardless of your sexual orientation, it is critical to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and see your GP for a reproductive health check-up every three months.

    Our experts can evaluate and provide any necessary testing or treatment for various sexual medical conditions, including STDs and HIV exposure/management. We also employ vaccinations to help prevent HPV, which is the root cause of many cervical and oral malignancies.

    • Mental Health

    When opposed to the general population, the LGBTI community is significantly vulnerable to worse mental health outcomes, along with a higher chance of suicide. Coming to terms with one’s sexuality, dealing with homophobia and harassment, and being rejected by those you care about are all challenges that can cause substantial psychological and emotional pain for LGBTI individuals.

    We help treat the following issue:

    • Anger management
    • Relationship issues
    • Drug & alcohol addictions
    • Depressions & anxiety
    • Childhood trauma/abuse & bullying
    • Confusion about your orientation or gender identity
    • Coming out
    • Family Planning for LGBTI People

    Raising a family is a huge choice, and our family planning facility is always glad to give medical advice and assistance to LGBTI couples and individuals who want to have children. Same-sex couples have a wide choice of reproductive alternatives to choose from. When you schedule a family planning session with us, one of our physicians will go over all of your alternatives and help you decide on the best method to have children for your specific circumstances.

    • HIV/AIDS Management

    Treatment alternatives (antiretroviral medicines) and scientific knowledge of HIV transmission have advanced significantly in recent years. In non-scientific terms, this suggests that by initiating treatment immediately (or using treatment as prevention), a PLHIV might improve health outcomes, leading to HIV patients enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

    A PLHIV with an undetectable viral load or lowering their CD4 count within 350-550 with antiretroviral drugs can minimise their partner’s risk of HIV transmission by 96 percent!

    Schedule to meet LGBT friendly doctors in Melbourne with South Melbourne Family Practice.

    Make an appointment now to see our LGBTI health clinic. Whether you’re looking for a health test, a routine check-up, or to address a particular LGBTI health problem, come to South Melbourne Family Practice for high-quality, totally inclusive treatment.

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