South Melbourne Family Practice is changing its name to South Melbourne Medical Hub. Under new ownership, South Melbourne Medical Hub will offer expanded health services to your local community and we look forward to offering additional services for your health needs.

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    Affordable GP in South Melbourne

    The role of general practitioners (GP) in modern healthcare cannot be undermined. GPs play an important role in helping the community maintain better overall health, and prevent avoidable health concerns. As a reputed medical centre with some of the best GPs in Melbourne, we practice a patient-centric approach towards healthcare. The family doctors at our South Melbourne clinic look at the physical as well as emotional aspects of a person’s wellbeing before proceeding with any course of treatment.

    Apart from preventative care and essential health education, we also take care of chronic disease management and refer patients to specialist care if needed. The experienced GP doctors at South Melbourne Medical Centre are known to offer quality medical care to the local and surrounding communities. The key focus at our medical centre is to offer personalised services and maintain continuity of care, focussed on the changing needs and health goals of patients. Our ability to build long lasting relationships with patients and work together with them to help them maintain optimal health is immensely satisfying for us.

    We Value Your Health

    We believe that good health is an important foundation for a good life.

    All of us at our GP clinic in South Melbourne are committed to your wellbeing. We prefer to look at the bigger picture when it comes to your health and encourage habits that promote better health along with preventative medicine, instead of focussing only on symptomatic treatment.

    This is why every doctor at our South Melbourne clinic like to urge you to adopt healthy lifestyle practices, and to not neglect even seemingly minor health concerns. Our doctors are also available for an online GP consultation, in case you aren’t able to make it to our medical centre.

    Services You Can Avail

    You can visit our GP clinic at South Medical Family Practice for a wide array of health consultations for any type of acute or chronic issue, or even for multiple health conditions. We have a lot of patients who visit us for cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic issues as well as lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure and more. We are confident about being able to provide a personalised solution for any health issue.

    Some of our general GP services include:

    • Medical and health check-ups
    • Nutritional Advice
    • Diagnosis and treatment for any health condition
    • Health information
    • Medical prescriptions
    • Prescriptions for medical / screening tests
    • Managing acute or chronic health issues
    • Referrals to specialist health care providers
    Why Choose Us

    South Melbourne Family Practice has earned a reputation for providing excellent medical care at affordable prices. We see patients of all ages – from newborns to the elderly. If you are looking for a bulk billing GP in South Melbourne, be sure to visit our medical centre. Anyone with a valid Medicare cover can avail bulk billing.

    If you are looking for a GP clinic near you, we invite you to visit us. Our GP clinic is conveniently located at Level 1, 111 on Cecil Street, South Melbourne is easily accessible by local patients as well as those from nearby locations like Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Albert Park and Southbank. To schedule an appointment, you can call us on 03 9284 3400 or opt for an online GP booking via our website.

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