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    If you book with our nurse directly:

    A GP consultation is not required and the private vaccine is offered at a cost of $25, including the Nurse fee. A government vaccine will attract a Nurse Immunisation Fee only of $10.

    Anyone may get the flu so, book for flu shot in Melbourne.

    No matter how healthy and fit you remain or how old you are, you are still prone to the flu. It is probably best to opt for a flu vaccine to protect yourself and your family from this virus.

    The influenza virus makes no distinctions. It may strike without warning, and influenza can be deadly – sometimes causing complications and even death.

    The elderly are more vulnerable to the flu and its consequences. People who have comorbidity may be at a 2.5x higher risk of dying from the flu. You should get your flu shot as soon as possible for this reason. 


    What exactly is influenza, and how does it spread?

    Influenza is a highly infectious illness. It is a viral infection that attacks the respiratory system and is transmitted via breathing the virus when it is released into the air when someone coughs, sneezes or even speaks.

    Influenza Side effects

    Fever, runny noses, headaches, body/muscle pains, sore throat, tiredness, cough, and watery eyes are all indications of the flu. Children might also have vomiting and diarrhoea. Most side effects last 3-5 days. However, cough and tiredness might continue for up to two weeks. If you do not want to go through this, it is best to get your flu shot vaccine in Melbourne by South Melbourne Family Practice. 

    Methods for protecting yourself and others from the flu
    • Book flu vaccination in Melbourne
    • Stay at home if you don’t feel fine
    • Hand washing should be carried out regularly.

    Maintain a safe distance from symptomatic people and houses, and avoid working and interactions with them.

    Booking Flu Vaccination in Melbourne
    • Make an appointment with one of the physicians. For all patients, the visit with one of our physicians is bulk billed, and the vaccination costs $20. Please keep in mind that the consultation will only be mass billed if it is solely for the vaccination.

    Don’t wait any longer, and Book Your Flu Vaccination with us now!

    Flu Vaccine is one of the most effective strategies to prevent influenza.

    The influenza flu vaccine in Melbourne aids in the training of your immune system to produce antibodies to combat the flu virus. It offers you a leg up when your body is exposed to the influenza virus by boosting your natural immunity. Keep in mind that it takes 2–3 weeks to establish antibodies.

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