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    covid test before travel to china

    Are You Planning To Visit China? Get A Covid Test Done Before Travelling To China

    China is a versatile country offering a glimpse of a glorious past blended with modern prosperity. Its historical monuments, serene natural beauty and versatile sceneries can leave travellers spellbound. However, the pandemic of Covid-19 which emerged from China has resulted in hindering travel to this beautiful country. The Government of China has declared fresh guidelines for all Chinese and foreign travellers who are flying from Australia to China.

    Under these guidelines, every passenger needs to take a COVID-19 test before travelling to China. The PCR and IgM anti-body test is supposed to be done couple of day before boarding the flight to China. South Melbourne Family Practice is a trusted and certified centre to undertake these covid 19 tests before travelling to China. 

    Here are simple steps to get a covid test before traveling to China-
    • Book and schedule an appointment by calling us. Our staff will assist you in scheduling an appointment.  
    • Visit our clinic in the given time slot and answer some basic questions and get a temperature check.  
    • Our staff will greet you in a PPE kit and ask you some questions about your health history. 
    • A pathology collector from our clinic will collect your swabs and blood sample for testing.  
    • You can make the payment and leave for your home and wait for the reports. 
    • Our staff member will inform you about the results of your reports. You can also collect a hard copy of your reports. The expected time required for results is 48 hours. 
    When will I get the results of a covid-19 test?

    We will need about 24 to 48 hours to receive results. After receiving your results, we will provide you with a soft copy of the reports and a certificate which you can submit to the Chinese embassy.

    How can the IgM antibody test help travellers?

    IgM antibody test refers to the immunoglobulin test which is used to level different antibodies that are present in your blood. These antibodies are created by one’s body to shield it from the attack of harmful allergens, viruses or bacteria.

    Immunoglobulin tests are used to determine whether the patient has a trace of covid infection. If you are planning to visit China for personal or emergencies, then doing this covid 19 test before travelling is compulsory according to Chinese guidelines. You may also have to stay quarantined for some period after landing in the country. For more details and information, you can also contact the authorities. 

    At South Melbourne Family Practice you can get a reliable and prompt covid test before travelling to China. We provide you with personalised assistance and fast reports to save you from hassle and panic. 

    So if you are planning to visit China, book your appointment for a covid test now. 

    Dr Rijad Kucuk
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    Dr Rijad Kucuk