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    Please note fly to fit is temporarily not available due to extended delays in processing results.

    We Offer Fit to Fly COVID Test in Melbourne

    Whether you are traveling abroad on a frequent basis or for the first time, it is mandatory to prove that you are free from COVID-19 through certain tests. No matter what country you visit your airlines will thus require you to show a certificate such as the PCR COVID test.

    At South Melbourne Family Practice, we help you get tested and acquire a COVID Fit to Fly Certificate in Melbourne for hassle-free travel. With our swab test, we can assess if you are fit to fly overseas or not. The test costs a certain fee plus GST for the test with no rebate on medicare. We offer quick turnaround time for acquiring a fit to fly certificate in Melbourne so you can expect prompt results of your swab admittance.

    The Fit-to-Fly Covid certificate and PCR test fee is $150 on weekdays (or $200 on weekends), with no Medicare rebate. We work to offer quick turnaround of 24hrs time so you can expect prompt results of your swab collection. Slight delays may occur if community testing volumes increase significantly.

    What is a Fit to Fly PCR Test?

    A Polymerase Chain Reaction Test, commonly known as PCR test, is a diagnostic test conducted to detect genetic substance from a virus. It can detect the presence of a virus in you in case you are infected at the time of testing. A negative test result is required by airport authorities at the time of check-in. This ensures you are free from the virus strain and are fit for departure.

    How Can PCR Test Help Detect COVID-19?

    PCR tests can prove effective for COVID-19 diagnostics early on since they detect RNA presence of the virus. They can determine whether you are a host for the SARS-CoV-2 virus and thus contagious to those around you. In this way they can help prevent transmission of the virus to places you are traveling to.

    When is the Right Time to Test for Fly to Fit Certification?

    It is not always recommended to book the FIT to fly COVID test in Melbourne too early or too late. The Australian Government Department of Health suggests to carry out the test within 72 hours or less before the scheduled departure of your flight. However, the timing could also depend on the specific airline you are flying or the place of arrival.

    It is therefore important to check ahead in advance the requirements both locally and internationally before you fly.

    We work quickly to deliver your PCR COVID test for travel at our Melbourne practice at the given time. However, it is always better to do all the research beforehand either on your own or through your travel agent or airline.

    How to Get Tested

    To get tested and obtain your COVID Fit to fly certificate in Melbourne, make sure you follow the following steps:

    1. Book an appointment at our practice either by calling us or through our website.
    2. Visit us at your appointment date. Make sure you wear a mask, follow all the COVID-19 safety protocols, and get yourself checked at the reception.
    3. You will be greeted by our nurse who will take your COVID-19 swab.
    4. Pay the fees at the reception desk.
    5. Book a consultation with the nurse to get your results. You will be emailed the results along with the certification of your PCR report.

    At South Melbourne Family Practice, we offer reliable diagnostics using real time testing technology. You can also reach out to our team to discuss the suitable time for your test or any questions regarding your fit to fly certificate at our Melbourne practice.

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