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    Busting the 6 Most Common Myths on the Flu Vaccine!

    Immunizing yourself with the seasonal flu vaccine in Melbourne has become all the more important considering the COVID-19 pandemic that hit us.  It is vital for everyone to get vaccinated and protect yourself from influenza. However, there are many myths and half-truths around the flu vaccine which should not stop people from getting the flu shots in Melbourne.

    We would like to share some facts behind the most common misconceptions about the flu vaccine, read on:

    Flu shots make you fall sick

    This is one of the most common and widely spread myths about the flu vaccine. However, we would like to make it clear that a flu shot does not make you sick. It is made from an inactivated virus which cannot transmit infection or get you sick in anyway. The tiny fragments of the inactive virus allow your immune system to identify the virus. Your body then produces antibodies to protect you from the flu.

    Pregnant women or kids should not take the flu vaccine

    A flu shot in Melbourne is completely safe for children, pregnant women and the elderly and, there is no evidence that suggests that it has adverse effects Moreover, these high-risk groups should be vaccinated as they are likely to experience severe influenza symptoms in case they get infected.

    The flu is just a bad cold

    A majority of the people do not take influenza seriously. They mistake it for a common cold. High fevers, severe body aches, headaches and intense fatigue are reliable indicators.  Our doctors at South Melbourne Family Practice will help you with the correct diagnosis if you are in a state of confusion.

    Influenza is not as dangerous as COVID-19

    Whilst we are still learning more about COVID-19, it is unfair to assume the flu doesn’t spread as easily and is not dangerous. It may strike without warning and is also deadly. It spreads exactly in the same manner as COVID-19 does, namely through airborne droplets which can be inhaled by a person who is 1.5 or less metres away.

    Do ensure to follow the below tips similar to COVID-19 that will help you avoid influenza.

      • Covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing.
      • Washing your hands regularly, especially after blowing your nose or being out in public.
      • Trying to avoid touching your face as much as possible.
      • Staying home if sick and avoiding being in contact with others.

    There is no need for healthy people to get vaccinated

    Getting a flu shot in Melbourne is not only important for patients with chronic illnesses but also for anyone- even healthy folks. As mentioned earlier, even children and pregnant women can benefit from the flu vaccine as there is no harm in taking one.

    Getting an influenza vaccine every year weakens the immune system

    As the influenza virus changes every year, it is necessary to get vaccinated against the new strains. You surely remain safer than the others who have not been immunized. Also, it does not weaken your immune system in any way.

    We hope this has helped clear up myths about flu shots and there is no hesitation or doubt in taking a flu vaccine.  South Melbourne Family Practice is a medical centre that will help you with all your medical needs. If you want to book a flu shot in Melbourne, contact us on 03 9284 3400.



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